The fairway narrows for the longer hitters. The greenside bunker sneaks right around to the front middle of the green so be careful if running your ball up to the green. Another long green where it pays to keep your ball under the hole.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Blue   4 9 373
   Futures Purple   4 9 115
   Yellow   4 9 363
   Blue   4 4 373
   Futures Purple   4 9 115
   Yellow   4 5 363


LINK Business Brokers specialise in selling businesses.

Having the right team behind you can mean the difference between selling your business at a great price or not selling your business at all. 

The LINK Bay of Plenty team pride themselves on the unique way they facilitate hundreds of successful business sales every year. LINK have established themselves as industry leaders and are now the largest Business Brokerage in the world. 

The Secret:
When preparing to sell your business, you’ll be focused on getting a good price and the legalities of signing it over. But have you thought about keeping the whole idea a secret? This is what LINK does well!

LINK ensures confidentiality is maintained during every stage of the sale. From the way your business is marketed through to signing contracts - a LINK Broker works to ensure you get the best result.

If your plans to sell become known to the wider world, this could have repercussions on the sale. There are some exceptions to this rule. Businesses are only identified where this does not compromise the business or the sale in any way.

Team Approach
LINK’s exceptional success rate attests to the quality of Brokers. The team is made up of a very carefully selected number of Business Brokers, all of whom have extensive previous business experience and have been chosen to manage a varied range of key industry sectors. LINK professionally manage the sale of any business of any size.

Mike, Carron and the team are committed to providing you with the absolute highest level of service through your exciting journey of either buying or selling a business. Even if you’re not looking to see ‘right now’, you never know what is around the corner and it’s good to know what your business might be worth in today’s market. Drop us a line to find out more.

LINK we sell businesses
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Mike Chote, 027 555 1176,
Carron Chote, 027 289 6658,