General Info
Office Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
07 578 8465
Dress Code:
Our policy at Tauranga Golf Club is that sporty-casual is acceptable attire for when you are on the course.
We are known as a fun and friendly club where all players of all levels are welcome. As long as you bring a positive attitude then you will enjoy your time at our club!
Beginner Golf Rules:
We endorse the 'IT'S OK' programme that NZ Golf have created for beginner golfers. It helps create a more relaxed environment for beginners and introduces them to our wonderful game! Click here for more information.
Pro Shop: 
The Clubroom is our pro shop and is the one-stop shop for all your golf needs. Jim Cusdin and his team are sure to help you with whatever you require from tee bookings to coaching to course availability to purchasing the right gear! Give them a call today on 07 578 8465 etxn 1 or visit the shop.