Avoid the fairway bunkers and the deep greenside bunker here. Best to come in from the left hand side to open up the green.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Blue   4 8 332
   Carrus Men's 2020   4 8 332
   Futures Purple   4 8 180
   Yellow   4 8 311
   Blue   4 5 332
   Carrus Yellow 2020   4 8 311
   Futures Purple   4 8 180
   Yellow   4 8 311


Are you teed off with managing your own rental properties in Tauranga, or disappointed in the service you’re getting from a property manager?

Fellow club member Dan Keller has a precision property management team ready to take a whole-in-one approach to your property portfolio, keeping your investment out of the rough as the tenancy conditions change.

His company – RentPro – guarantees the entire rent if it has chosen the tenants for qualifying properties, confident that its selection process is robust. Everything runs with clockwork efficiency, supported by industry-specific software and digital records. Nothing is left to chance.

Dan’s team will free you from the hassle of managing your own residential properties so you can spend more time doing the things you love – such as playing golf.

Club selection is so important, and as part of the RentPro family you’ll belong to a successful operation that covers the wider Tauranga region, including Mount Maunganui and Papamoa.

There’s no time like the present – and there’s a present this time. Dan has a smart golf-related gift waiting for everyone who joins RentPro from the Tauranga Golf Club, and you’ll also go into the draw for a free round at Wairakei International.

Dan is Tauranga’s best-known property manager and was Tauranga Property Investors Association president for nine years. He is now Vice-President of the New Zealand Property Investors Federation. As a long-standing investment property owner, he knows the best approach to maximise your returns.

Dan and his expert team bring a hands-on investment approach to property management – they see that all RentPro-managed properties are taken care of as if they were their own. You couldn’t do better yourself!

In sponsoring the 8th hole at your club, Dan is demonstrating his commitment to Tauranga Golf Club and the people he meets on the course and in the clubhouse. He is one of you, and is a familiar face on the greens and fairways.
You’ll love having a pro on your bag – RentPro.