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Many thanks to the 61 people who attended the AGM on 9 May. The minutes are now loaded on the website under "Member Documents". It was a very special occassion as we announced Adrienne Coad as a new Life Member. Congratulations to Adrienne and thank you for your dedicated service to the club since 1963 (the year I was born!)

A warm TGC welcome to the 21 members that have joined us so far this month. We trust that you enjoy your golf. Our membership numbers now sit at 901.


Just a friendly reminder of the Tee Booking etiquette:

  • Please cancel your booking if you are not intending to play. 
  • Do not block out spaces with "visitor" or names of members that are not actually playing. This is unacceptable & unfair on your fellow members who may want to play in that space.
  • Please check in at the proshop every time you play - we need to know who is on course for Health & Safety reasons. 

With a very active membership it is really important that you are considerate and respect your fellow members. The Booking Sheets open 8 days in advance and our "Fair Play" policy is - 3 bookings at one time. Each time you play, this will free up another booking opportunity.


We are still waiting for a decision from the Commissioners. It seems that they are keen for more consultation and don't see any urgency.. (WE DO!!) This is incredibly frustrating for us as we have many projects and plans that we would like to progress. At this stage, we are expecting some dialogue by the end of June/July so we will keep you posted.


Most of you will be aware that we have a lending library in the Clubhouse. A gold coin donation is requested for each book and the funds are then used by our fabulous gardening ladies. We would love some new books please. If you have some new releases, these would be greatly appreciated. We also have a new bookcase in the corner of the Trophy Room. This bookcase holds the Photo Albums that Adrienne has put together. Please feel free to take a look.


We are having issues with tagging and damage in the course toilets. PLEASE make sure that you close the toilet doors securely when you leave.

Thank you all for your care and concern while I was off with Covid. I was very lucky to have a mild dose. I did enjoy some down time and being able to watch Netflix all day without feeling guilty! We now have Leah down with Covid so we wish her a speedy recovery.

It looks like a perfect weekend for parking up on the couch and watching the PGA Championship. Have a safe and happy weekend.

Michelle Towersey

Club Manager


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ON COURSE  - A few words from our Course Superintendent:

It's been a very busy time with all sorts of projects on the go and staff away due to Covid. 

Our focus has been on essential course work and chipping away at general maintenance work as time allows. You will notice the team have been working hard on reinstating the area where the Gum trees have been removed. We used most of the cores from the greens to fill in the damage caused by the falling trees. The path will be repaired as soon as the contractor is available. We also used the cores to repair the area on the side of the 9th tee block. 

We have finished spreading bark and removing weeds in the garden at Barkes Corner. This has tidied up this area. We have also started work on mowing the short course and getting this area back into shape. Unfortunately we have struggled with machinery breakdowns and this area has got away on us. We have also cut the long grass alongside the practice range. 

You will notice that ropes have been placed in high traffic areas to help direct traffic away from wet areas. Please don't step over the ropes or remove them. They are there for safety reasons.


The Greens are back to normal cut height & looking good. The team did a little extra work on 7 & 17 – a double scarify & seed to help with density on these greens.


Fairways are now showing signs of going into dormancy. Currently we are half way through spraying a pre emergent herbicide to control weeds.


This month we will be starting our Kykuyu spray programme.


We have installed a retractable air hose - please retract after use - (ie - gently pull on the hose and it will roll back into the holder). This is the same concept for the hose. We are trying to keep this area tidy so please help us.


With the recent wet weather, please take extra care when driving carts. Please keep off tee blocks and stay well clear of greens.

Cart shed people will be pleased to see that we have cleared the yard and spread 3 truckloads of metal in the compund. A dedicated carpark area has also been cleared. See below

Carl Rumble - Course Superintendent

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