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Dear Guest, Friday, 14 May, 2021

An update on some matters.

Ladies Breast Cancer Charity Day

This is an Ambrose event scheduled for Wednesday 26th May and we would like you to offer support to them if you can. This is their annual pink day that raises money for Breast Cancer support. There is an entry form on the main noticeboard in the clubrooms so please feel free to either make up your four or simply record your willingness to participate and they will make up a team. It will cost you $20 to play.

Charity Day

Our annual charity day where we support a local community initiative or programme will this year be Tauranga Community Foodbank. We always aim to see your funding support go back to local efforts. The date for this year is 15th June and will also be an Ambrose event so make up a team or simply put your name down to play. Your $20 entry fee in total goes to the foodbank. There is an entry form on the main noticeboard so please add your name to the list.

Omanu Quad

28th June is the date for the Omanu quad and you will see the entry sheet on our noticeboard. Limited to 25 players, make sure you get your name in early. As you know, we lead the competition by a moderate amount but Omanu will be looking to claw back that lead. They tell us they have their own obstacles for Tauranga players - planes, trains and drains which will be to their advantage! Or that’s what they claim.

Members Missing

We often hear about a member who is unwell, recovering from surgery or various other issues. John Rountree is our group support person and does a great job of keeping in touch with these people as they take time to return to play. If you know that one of our players is unable to play for these reasons, let John know directly. We know that some members wish for privacy and we respect that, but others welcome the contact and caring interest John offers on our behalf. So if you do know of someone in this situation, please feel free to talk to John and initiate our contact if appropriate.


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