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Dear Guest, Thursday, 15 April, 2021


Attached are two matters relating to the upcoming AGM on 28th April. These are sent to you under the rules in the Constitution that provide for notices or documents to be sent by email, notice on the website, and a notice in the clubhouse.

In addition to the normal matters discussed at an AGM these cover:
1. An election for the position of Club Captain. Two nominations have been received and in those circumstances club members vote by ballot as follows: 
A. The Club Manager sends a ballot paper to each member at least seven days before the AGM. That is the purpose of this letter and the ballot paper is attached
B. Members must lodge the ballot paper with the Club Manager by 5:30 PM on the day prior to the AGM – Tuesday 27 April 2021. A Ballot box is located in the clubroom outside Club Manager’s office now. Copies of the ballot paper will be available for those that are unable to print a copy.
C. 3 Scrutineers are appointed at the AGM and they count the votes.
2. The Board has decided to abolish the "Loyalty" Memberships provided for in the Constitution. These memberships provided that anyone over the age of 65 who had been 40 continuous years in the club paid 50% of the senior subscription, and anyone over the age of 75 with 25 years continuous membership could pay 75% of the senior subscription.
The reasons for the Board's decision are :
At the moment there are 19 Loyalty A & 24 Loyalty B members in these categories. The reduced fees cost the club approximately $ 20,000 p.a. and this cost is spread over the other members subscriptions. As the club numbers and the membership age increases, this number is expected to increase substantially and cut into the club's income. There is also difficulty in maintaining records as to continuous membership and dates of joining by all individual members of the club.

This section involves a change to the Constitution which under the rules of the Constitution require seven days notice, and this message also encloses that notice. The motion needs to be passed by two thirds majority at the AGM.

The Club will continue to honour all the current Loyalty Members who have availed themselves of the discounted subscription and this will be done by individual undertakings to the persons involved.

Paul Gartner
Board Chairman 

Nominations for Club Captain have been received from :
Lindsay Klee & Dirk Develter. Lindsay and Dirk have provided the attached Bio's about themselves to assist you with making a voting decision.

Please find attached the Audited Financial Report and Annual Report.
If you would like a printed copy, please let me know
Regards, Michelle 
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