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Club Captains Year in Review
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Greetings to all our members as there is now only one sleep (or a partial one) before you hear the sweet laughter of family enjoying the delights of Christmas.

I would like to outline my thoughts of our playing year. As our club evolves we have had to adjust to how our members play and want to play their golf, which was the reason for the successful introduction of our 2 Tee Start system for Saturday play, while we have not pleased everyone, change does need to be embraced. New Zealand Golf are leading the way with change and acknowledging the changing face of golf and how players engage with the game. Their Flexiclub membership is one initiative and we need to look at ways of “future proofing” our club and attracting new members that may not want the traditional membership model.
The Board commissioning Turf Specialist, Steve Marsden, to give us a Greens health check, has also been extremely positive and once again we must move forward, mistakes will and have happened, but we will as far as practicable be implementing the advice in the report, starting from the shading of some of our greens and how best to manage the vitality of them. As you are aware, the Bentgrass conversion has been axed and we are now moving forward with the sowing of Arrowtown Brown Top which will also enable us to control the Poa Annua grass/weed. As I am no turf scientist, or would even try and purport to be, I will leave this area to the experts to explain, but please if you haven’t already, read Steve’s Report.
Various sections of our club and our volunteers have worked tirelessly to try and give you competitions and a club spirit that keeps you all playing, while I admit we have made a few errors (competition wise) they were easily rectified, and when you have over 800 members of diverse personalities someone’s pride will always get dented, the one thing above all though, we are fortunate to have so many passionate and dedicated people who work tirelessly to improve our club for all members!  I will not get into individual names, but they are what makes a “Club” and it was possibly the one thing that stands out above all for me, was hearing the laughter and banter between our members on course and inside the club rooms.
On the Club taking back the running of the Cafe. I must give my thanks and praise to Michelle, Sharon, Leah, Erena and the rest of the team for now being able to greet our members & visitors with the required level of hospitality, go team!!.
I would like to give my personal and the TGC congratulations to our club President Michael Smith's appointment to the Chairmanship of NZ Golf from 01/01/19, huge honour Michael and I am positive your acumen and knowledge will be appreciated by all NZ golfers, hopefully we can get first (dibs) on any useful information?
Lastly I would like to thank all our staff and let’s move forward into 2019 with an attitude that is positive and progressive!!...... Soooo a very Merry Christmas to all and laughter with family and mates (especially on a golf course) is still the best “medicine” take care out there and enjoy!, bring on 2019
cheers and best wishes Tony Breeds

Alterations to Out Of Bounds and implementation of Penalty Area for the Tauranga Golf Club 2019

 As most of you should be aware,  the new rules affecting all play, come into affect on the 1st January 2019. The Players Committee wish to advise all members that with advisement from our “working group” of rules officials and referees these changes will be in force from 01/01/19:

  • Our perimeter fences designate Out Of Bounds (OB), where this is not pertinent, white stakes shall mark the OB line.
  • Penalty Area -  this will be marked by RED Stakes, the area bounding the left of the 7th fairway (South to North) down to and behind the Men’s 5th tee and dropping down to incorporate the pond, running up the Western side of the Greens Staff compound and linking up to the 7th Tee. there are 4 options available to players hitting into this area and PLEASE all members take time to study them (options will be on Local Rules Board -a laminated course map will be placed on the Local Rules Board highlighting the Penalty Area and our course perimeter) 
  • Before commencing any round, members are advised to check the “Local Rules Board” for any up dates or alterations.
Finally I would like to thank Lindsay Klee, Kim Copestake & David Mowatt for their knowledge and help. Thanks to David for setting up the course. Thanks also to the Working Group, your help has been very much appreciated.
Tony Breeds 
Club Captain 
Tauranga Golf Club
07 578 8465
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