BOP Vets Monthly Golf

There are many of you who have participated in the BOP Vets over time but it is timely to refresh who is or is not interested in being involved.

Bruce Partridge has taken over the liaison role and would like to have an indication if you wish to be part of the callup group.  For those new to the seniors, BOP Vets travel to various courses across the BOP area and play events that are run by the local club hosting the day.  Transport is collective with shared travel to ease some of the costs.  As a rule, most of the day is taken up with the combination of travel, play and prizegiving so you need to allow for that.  Cost of golf is currently set at $15/game with a haggle included among the local Tauranga players for performance on the day.  One or two BOP clubs charge slightly more than this.

Upcoming events are Ohope May 2, Te Teko June 20, Mount July 4, Omanu July 18.  Usually on a Monday.

If you are interested in playing and being part of the regular call up, please let Bruce know either directly, email at or text 0272260204 and he can develop a current list of players.


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