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Dear Guest, Wednesday, 14 April, 2021

Cooney Lees Sponsorship

We would like to acknowledge that we have received generous sponsorship support from Cooney Lees as one of our major sponsors for the year. You will see a representative from their business on a number of occasions throughout our year as they join us on a Tuesday. If you have a need for legal support, they have a longstanding association with Tauranga and will be able to assist you. Please ensure they are warmly welcomed.

Mount Quad

If you added your name to the list then please be ready to play on Monday 19th at Mount Maunganui Golf Club. Start time 10am but be there well in advance (suggest 9:15am) so you can pay your entry etc.

Charity Day

You will shortly see the entry sheet for Charity Day on 15th June. This year we will offer support to the local Foodbank which we believe is a worthwhile community charity that faces increasing demands year by year. Your support is essential to make the day successful.

Cancellation/Course Notices

As we run towards the winter season and inclement weather, look to the Tauranga Golf Club website for notices on the day. The status for the day is updated around 8am on a daily basis but typically, sometime after 8:30am will be the best time for you to check. The foot of the home page is the place to find the information.

Late Start Times

There are occasions when late starters book times through the proshop that commence after the time set aside for the starter and cashier. 11:57am will now be the last start time and reserved for these organisational roles. There will be earlier time slots on tees 7 and 11 that will be utilised for those wishing to play as late as possible. You may find your advertised tee is shifted on the day. We want to avoid the situation that can arise where late starters arrive after the closure of the cashier’s desk and so be precluded from the competition and raffles on the day. It also avoids excessive delays in winding up the afternoon as later players finally present their cards.

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