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Men’s Committee Newsletter June 2019
Dear Guest, Monday, 10 June, 2019

Men’s Committee Newsletter June 2019

Barclays Foursomes 15th June

Firstly a big thank you to Ian Gane and Barclays Engraving for sponsoring this competition.


This will be the competition of the day; it is a nett competition played in one division and it is open to both morning and afternoon players.


“Two players play as partners and use one ball. The partners play from alternate tees and thereafter strike alternatively during the play of each hole. If either player incurs a penalty stroke this does not alter the order of play. In a foursomes stroke competition the side’s gross score is subject to deduction of half the partners aggregate handicaps”


The Pro-Shop has reserved afternoon tee times for this competition and they will begin to book in the teams listed in the men’s locker room shortly.  If your names are not on the locker room list then players will need to inform the Pro-shop staff on the day that they are entering a team or are looking for a partner.


Foursomes is quite a quick form of the game and so all those players who are not playing in the Day’s Competition will be expected to play ready golf.


There will be no Shootout scoring or Hidden Hole on that date.

·        First prize $200 to the winning team
·      Second     $100
·      Third         $50


The Eves Senior Junior Matchplay

Firstly a big thank you to Owen Phelps and Eves for once again agreeing to sponsor this Competition - $250 will go to the winning team and $150 to the runners-up on Finals day.

As previously advised the Competition was open to the first 16 teams to put their names on the list within the Men’s locker room.

Rounds to be played

·                    Round 1 to be played 22nd June

·                    Round 2 to be played 29th June

·                    Round 3 to be played   6th July

The final will be played on Finals Day 2nd November.


Matches should be played on the designated date, however, with good reason and Committee permission this can change to ‘on or before the due date’.

Winter Four Ball Matchplay Competition

This will be played in three grades; Senior, Intermediate and Junior. The relevant Poster and entry sheets will be posted in the Men’s Locker room shortly.


Rounds to be played

·        Round 1 13th July
·        Round 2  27th July
·        Round 3   3rd August


The three finals will be played on Finals Day 2nd November. 

·        $200 to winning divisional teams and $100 to the runners-up


Matches should be played on the designated date, however, with good reason and Committee permission this can change to ‘on or before the due date’.


The Club’s Strokeplay Championship

Along with the Club’s Matchplay Championship this is one of the Club’s two most prestigious Competitions. This year we are reverting to the Club’s Traditional format of playing 72 Holes of Strokeplay in three grades; Senior, Intermediate and Junior.


Rounds to be played

·        Round 1 Saturday 10th August
·        Round 2 Saturday 17th August
·        Round 3 Sunday 18th August
·        Round 4 Saturday 24th August
The final round on the 24th August will be a seeded draw for the top 12 players in each division.
$200 to the three divisional winners $100 to the runners-up


Pitch Marks on the Greens

With the improving greens, and with them being so soft at this time of year, it is essential that we not only repair our own Pitch Marks but also look around to spot and repair any other pitch marks that have not been attended to.


Pace of Play

At this time of the year, particularly with its short days, there is a requirement on all players to play ready golf and keep up with the team in front.

The pace of play last Saturday afternoon caused a major upset for many groups who were subjected to rounds of golf in excess of four and a half hours in very cold conditions.  It was so slow that had there been cloud cover the groups at the end of the field would probably not have had enough light to finish their rounds. The slow play was not caused by there being a full field it was simply down to several groups playing very slowly: with one group losing  three fairways! The groups responsible for this have been noted, also that these self-same groups have been causing pace of play problems for some time now. No one enjoys slow rounds which is why we adopted the recommendation for ‘ready golf’. Something has to be done about this issue and, therefore, if these groups are going to continue to ignore the ready golf requirement and consequently ruin the day for others, the Committee will have to take appropriate measures. As a first step this may involve restricting them to designated tee times where their slow play can have less of an impact.

The Pro-Shop staff have also confirmed that if there is a pace of play issue they will respond to a telephone call and come out onto the course to have an appropriate ‘word’. They would rather sort the issue as it is happening rather than have the day ruined for those groups being held up.

Men’s Committee.

June 2019



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