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Photo of the team turfing the surrounds of the new bunker with turf from our Turf Nursery 

An Update from our Course Superintendent - Chris Posa: 
GENERAL: This month has been very busy with the 12th Hole project commencing. Although we had Bay Shaping doing the earth works and shaping, our team assisted in the project which consumed 110 hours of labour. This is time which was taken away from the course. We are currently playing catch up with all parts of the course but we plan to up to speed in the coming weeks. 

GREENS: The Greens are currently in very good condition heading into winter. I have applied a granular fertilizer on 22nd May which will help with the greens density as we enter winter. I plan on Verti-Draining and topdressing the greens on 10th & 11th June.

TEES: Currently in good condition. I will look to Verti-Drain the tees in June to assist in aeration and drainage through the winter months.

FAIRWAYS: I have applied the pre-emergent herbicides over our couch fairways for the control of poa. This will give 12 weeks control up until early August. I will then look to apply the appropriate herbicide to get us through spring.

BUNKERS: Unfortunately we have only being attending the bunkers once a week. With the 12th project complete and catching up on the course, we will be hoping to keep on top of them a bit more frequently.

12th HOLE PROJECT: We have completed as much as we can on the 12th project. We only have a "skim" of soil to remove on the bunker face before we add the sand into the bunker. We look to do this once the turf has taken on the bunker face and once the seed has established enough so we don’t get any potential soil washing down and contaminating the fresh sand. The hole will remain closed until the grass strike is sufficient to allow foot traffic. We don't want to undo all the fantastic work with people walking all over the area before it is ready. We will keep you updated on progress but in the meantime, enjoy the guaranteed 2 points (or more) :)

I have left the bunker as asked in front of the green, but have made it more playable, we have kept the style consistent with the other bunkers on course and of a "parkland" setting. We have also added a complex which will go around and in front of the bunker, we have added irrigation to this so we can keep the turf alive, healthy and playable all year round like the new 4th complex.


- Strip and remove all turf

- Strip and stock pile top soil

- Cart additional 700m3 fill & shape bunker and complex

- Install Irrigation & bunker drainage

- Cart top soil & trim

- Turf bunker face with fine fescue from our nursery

- Final prep and seed of complex


- Boundary & Tree spray

- Trim sprinklers, Valve boxes and Drains

- Plugging of surrounds

- Aeration of Greens & Tees


We have our final payment for the Rough mower this month so I have been forward planning on our next purchase in line with our machinery replacement plan. This year we are due to replace our older greens mower which was purchased in 2011 and has 2700 hours on the clock. This machine is at the appropriate age to now drop down to a tees/surrounds mower and replace the older tees/surrounds mower which was purchased in 2003 and has 5900 hours on the clock.

I have researched suitable machines taking into consideration the club continuing to want improve the greens surfaces for members, so I recommend the Jacobson GP400 which is known for its quality of cut. I have added grooming attachments which will enable us to control lateral growth on a daily basis in growth season which will give us tighter, smoother and truer putting surfaces. (NB Club is currently applying for funding for this machine - if unsuccessful, we will finance the purchase)

Observant members will notice that some trees have been removed from around the course this week. This work has been done with reference to Steve Marsdens Greens Report of 2018 :

After 8 years in the Board Chair - Graham Cathie has stood down and handed over the reigns to Paul Gartner.
Graham remains on the Board for the remainder of his term and will continue to have Finance as his main portfolio. Graham's stewardship and strong fiscal management has seen us through some very challenging times and we are extremely grateful for his contribution. We also welcome Richard Craven back to the Board as an appointed Board Member filling the position vacated by Ross Stanway. Ross has been on the Board for 7 years as a Board Member and Club President. His wisdom & common sense approach around the Board table has been very much appreciated.
Your 2019 Board Members:
Paul Gartner - Chairman
Michael Smith - President 
Tony Breeds - Club Captain 
Kerry McFadyen - Board Member
Graham Cathie - Board Member
Richard Craven - Board Member

We are blessed with a membership that has a strong culture of Volunteering and supporting the Club with many projects over the years. This ranges from Board Members, Committees, Gardeners & more.The Club value this and appreciate the work that Volunteers do.
Some of you will be aware that we had a serious accident a few weeks ago where one of our most active and valued volunteers - Ian McCallum, tripped and fell down a very steep bank behind the 2nd Tee. Ian was throwing some green waste over the bank and tumbled down approximately 30 metres. We needed 2 Fire Crews to rescue Ian and thankfully, he was pulled to safety - very battered and bruised with a hairline fractured to his neck. He had surgery on his neck yesterday carried out by one of our members - Bryan Thorn. From all accounts the surgery went well and we wish Ian a very speedy recovery and our love and support to Bev and the family.
This has been a serious reminder to us that a seemingly simple task can turn to a major incident. You will be aware that although the Golf Club is your place of recreation and fun, it is also deemed to be a workplace for Health & Safety. In this respect, we had to treat this as a serious and notifiable event for Work Safe. This was a very stressful time for all involved. We understand that Work Safe do not intend to take the matter any further but we await formal confirmation.
So, moving forward, it is vital that ALL VOLUNTEERS are firstly inducted into our Health & Safety programme and fully aware of the procedures involved, the hazards and the conditions of working on the course. We will be arranging briefings for all regular volunteers, but in the meantime, please do not undertake any tasks at the Club without first pre arranging with Michelle.

The minutes of the AGM held 29 April 2019 have been loaded onto the club website for your interest.
Those of you who attended the meeting will be aware that some serious matters were raised with regard to the Course conditions. The Board have acknowledged these comments and these will be addressed back through the Players Committee. 

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You will start to see some fresh new signs around the course as new partners have come on board and existing ones have renewed.
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